Career Coaching and Astrology

If you are interested in Astrological Coaching working with me over a series of weeks to understand your energies and how we can make them manifest themselves in your life in a way that aligns you

You know when you have that awkward, uncomfortable feeling that something isn’t quite right’ in your life?

Maybe it’s work-related, or it was feeling of something or someone. Or perhaps it’s something closer to home?

The fact is you just know something has to change, but you just can’t quite figure out what it is that you need to do?
Does this sound familiar? If so, let me help you.

How ?

Buy building an actionable life plan that you’ll actually love doing. Built on personality, spirituality, and all those other -ality’s.

Wait a minute.

“Who the hell is Terry and how can he possibly help me?”

I’m a spiritual astrologer / spiritual advisor who provides Astrology consultations. This not simply predictive fortune telling or any of that mumbo-jumbo. I’m someone who really likes helping people, people get from A to B or make positive changes in your life, in the form of a spiritual growth plan, based on Astrology and our natural energies.

You can find out more about me here. I’ve been doing it for years and helped a lot of people.

Wait a minute.

How can I help you?

You may already have a good idea of where you want to be in life. Maybe you want a career doing something that matters to you. Maybe you want to work remotely from your house in your pants. Maybe you want to run a successful online business of your own. Perhaps you dream of travelling the world like a carefree hippy washing dishes for meals.

Your goals aren’t the issue here; it’s the ‘how do I get there’ part where you struggle.

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help you figure out your shit

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ground your ideas

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be your cheerleader

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illuminate your soul’s path

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kick your butt

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make your dreams a reality

Why combining planning and astrology needs to happen.

Say you have a goal or you need help coming up with a purpose, and you need a plan to make that happen

. Imagine understanding yourself so well, that you can effortlessly bring your dreams into reality.

Astrology is the understanding of unseen energies and influences on our lives that correlate to things happening around and above us. By understanding our astrological charts, we have a better understanding of ourselves, and we can leverage this information to be more efficient in our lives.

What I am offering is understanding and enlightenment of who you are. Highlighting your strengths, confronting your challenge points in your personality, bringing your subconscious to your consciousness, so you can own it and gain clarity of who is, rather than knowing that you do things, but without knowing why. I do this by examining the energies of your birth chart, and the angles and aspects of it.
Once I examine your chart, we’ll construct a plan of action for you that utilises this energy to its highest potential. If you have an idea that is built based on YOUR specific chart, the procedure flows more efficiently with your already existing strengths.

If you want to knock all your life decisions out of the park, any coaching, personal development or insight work needs to be tailored to you. Otherwise, you are playing this game of life with someone else at-bat.

 The work we do together is to help you with the challenges in your life, using the insight from your energies. No two reports are alike.

From my self-study and utilising the services of coaches and astrologers, they both provided insight, but each of them seemed to get it only about 70% right.

We will get it right.

Working with me, you get a…



As an Astrologer, I have worked with 100’s of clients. I’m able to look at a person’s astrological natal chart, examine their challenges, understand easy flowing and blocked, energies and apply the understanding to their



Give me your ideas & dreams and I’ll create plan a way to make them a reality. I’ll be with you, exchanging information, creating action maps, including time management and we’ll form it all into a strategic plan.


Accountability Partner

I’m here to be hard on you and make sure you do what you said and work with blocks. Together, with a little tough love, we’ll get you to where you want to be.



Sometimes, just having the ability to talk to someone, provides the space for you to figure to speak freely, without judgement. I’m happy to provide to be that guy.

Who I Work With

When we do the free consultation, you’ll get to know me and what I can do for you and I’ll get to know you and we’ll get an idea about us working together.

I want to help you. I really do. We will come up with a plan for you. But I cannot MAKE you do anything. I’m here to facilitate change and empower you to take hold of your life.

What I can help you with

Passion Planning

Career Creativity

Passionate Practices

Location Liberation

Personal Development

Childhood Issues

Beat Self Sabotage

Happiness Alignment

Soul Alignment

Areas You Can Heal

Your Own Soul’s Journey

Flowing & Blocked Energies

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Astrological Life Coaching:
Free Astro Coaching Session

That’s right; a free, no obligation Skype call, for up to an hour, where we can both get a feel for each other.

All I ask is that you complete this questionnaire first so that I can tailor the session just for you.

No Skype?

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