Astrology: Flying your Kite (Aspect Patterns)

Dec 29, 2020

So looking at my birth chart, I have a kite. Well, according to traditional astrology anyway and not Magi Astrology. In fact, it looks like I have 2 kites. My chart is here, so you can see it.

I am not sure it’s a tight kite or whether the angles are even given kite status. In traditional astrology, the orb distance from an exact trine is considered to between 0° and 6° and certainly no more than 8°. Magi Astrology doesn’t consider anything more than 3° to be a trine of any impact.
Visually my kite is made up of the following:

The Grand Trine (in fire)

  • Moon (Aries) 18°33 (8th house)
  • Neptune (Sagittarius) 13°57 (4th house)
  • Saturn (Leo) 15°56 (11th house)

The fire planets all harmonious aspects with each other (trine). These then form sextile aspects with

  • Jupiter (Gemini) 21°25 (10th house)
  • Pluto (Libra) 11°29 (2nd house)

The Grand Trine (in fire)
The Neptune and Saturn planets make up the tightest trines. Pretty much exactly 2 degrees apart. Saturn and Moon then form the next closest trine being just less than 3 degrees apart. Finally, the Moon and Neptune form a trine of just under 5 degrees apart.

I found this on the following site which was one of the best examples of which I have read about grand trines in fire. I have edited only the parts that I am strongly resonating with.

A Grand Trine in Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) is a rare chart shape, indicative of a special gift that can be developed with the right sort of understanding and work, but which notoriously can produce a wasted crop or even a criminal outcome.

This individual will exhibit courage, adventurousness, risk-taking and even gambling, combined with an innocence that might ultimately rather prove to amount to naivety, lack of forethought or even culpable carelessness, and will be all the more dangerous because this individual has an unshakeable faith in self as eerily invincible, strangely protected from harm and taking on impossible odds. There will be impulsiveness – and acting out of unacknowledged psychological material could lead to undoing. These qualities need spiritual understanding otherwise there will be a growing sense of the emptiness and impermanence of such ego-striving and social climbing and a gathering horror at the harm and stress caused from striving so persistently and so long.

I would agree with wholeheartedly, but I want to look at the specifics of my grand trine, notably how it affects me rather than just a general trine in fire.

  • Moon (Emotions, feelings, subconscious reactions)
  • Aries (Independent, Leader, Me-first )
  • 8th House (Sex, Death, Shared Resources, Other peoples money)
  • Neptune (Dreams, illusions, Higher Consciousness, Spirituality)
  • Sagittarius (Dreams, illusions, Higher Consciousness, Spirituality)
  • 4th House (Home, Family, Roots, Real Estate, Tradition)
  • Saturn ( Responsibility, Discipline, Status)
  • Leo (The Star, entertainer, glamour, playfulness)
  • 11th House (Group Efforts, Communities, Humanitarian Causes)

I can see and certainly identify with all of the points above.

Kite Aspect #1

Jupiter (Luck, Opportunity, Growth)
Gemini (Communication, Quick Thoughts)
10th House (Status, Public Opinion, Career Aspirations)

Kite Aspect #2

Pluto (Death, Power, Subconscious, Re-generation/Be-birth)
Libra (Love, Beauty, Relationships, Marriage)
2nd House (Material Possessions, Money & Finances)


Even though they are the loosest of trines and kites, I am going to go with they are loose kites and best and try to see if there are any indications in this.

When my Moon, Neptune and Saturn (emotions, dreams & discipline) are all working together (I am not distracted and such), then it is possible to give focus towards each of the respective kites.
If I was to use the fire planets towards the kite in Gemini, it would involve controlling my emotional state and use my dreams to head towards a career role or a position of importance in communications and expansion of the mind. Perhaps a tutor, a teacher or curator. All these points would be covered then. 🙂
If I was to focus the planets towards the kite in Libra, it would involve controlling my emotional state and use my dreams to engage in creating beauty for others. Maybe making or creating beautiful things for other people.
If anyone has any feedback on what I have written, I would love to hear it as I am not too much of an expert and I am just trying to figure the chart and myself out, like everyone else

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