January 21, 2020
New Website

I'm excited to announce the (re)launch of The Astro Coach. This is a project that started 6 months ago and has finally come through to fruition. All thought most websites can take just a few months to manifest into reality, this one needed going back to the drawing board. There were SO many issues with […]

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September 28, 2019
Practical Astrology

When we're looking at utilising Astrology in our lives, practical astrology has to be in a manner that is practical for everyone to be able to use it. Even Beginners. Let's look at how. The esoteric subject of Astrology has been around for millennia. But in the last few years, there is been a bigger […]

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September 25, 2018
Spritual Coaching

People ask about what it is that I do and people often struggle to define it. Even for myself, it is not really 100% clear. But then life is not black and white. I usually just say Astrology (which is technically correct). Then people say: “You need to be more clear. Actually what you're offering is […]

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