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A friend of mine told me many years ago that I should look into doing online life coaching. However, I should combine it with Astrology, Strategic Business Planning, a splash of marketing and idea generation.

So to say I am a life coach or career coach, would not be accurate.

Here I will explain about more about how life experience with online coaching, with astrology and other vital areas, can help you get ahead.
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What is Life Coaching or Online Coaching?

Life Coaching essentially is helping people confront barriers, fears and limiting self-beliefs from “life” and break through those barriers to help us achieve what we want.

The small business coaching program is not necessarily a different program from the coaching package I offer.

However, we can certainly choose to focus our efforts on your small business, business skills and maybe achieving a better work-life balance rather than focusing on spiritual development.

Personal Development For The Best Life

In the world of executive coaching, with people like the game changer, Tony Robbins charging millions of dollars to help successful “top 100” people and fortune 500 companies invest in personal growth, improve and make more money.

All of the big companies all over the world all want a piece.

I mean “who of us do not want to be in the top 100 of anything” right?

However, what happens to regular people? The people that do not have millions of dollars to spend or invest.

You know regular people

Like us.
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business coaching

Where Is My Best Life?

In today’s society, it’s easy to be bombarded with so much information, that it’s difficult to decipher truth from fiction.

Also, if that wasn’t enough, it is common to feel pressure to perform to society’s or other people’s standards.

So this, plus the other challenges of daily life, jobs, family, social commitments, handling society expectations, it’s so easy to lose sight of what’s meaningful and fulfilling to us.

Then add chronic states of anxiety, stuckness, stress and depression can overwhelm your vision and sense of self. It’s too much.

When this happens, it’s helpful to get an outside perspective and point of view to assist you.

We all have this vision of our ideal life.

However, real life gets in the way. Our mental health is affected. Our physical health and it all has a knock on effect.

Life Coaching For Personal Growth

The life coaching process is like a metaphor for pouring clean water into a dirty glass. If you keep adding fresh, clean water, eventually, the glass will become clear.

Coaching is about challenging outdated and limiting perspectives while focusing on the combination of your values, strengths, gifts, skills, solutions, personal growth and life goals.

The more water you pour, the more open, creative and confident you become.

The more confident you become, the better able you are to explore your edges and move past obstacles and limitations.

Through coaching, you get the insight necessary to more accurately interpret, understand and moderate your thoughts, emotions, attitude, and feelings making it much easier to make positive choices.

Astrology & Life Coaching

The difference with Astrology is that this insight is specific to your birth chart.

With improved levels of self-perception, you increase your level of self-acceptance and feelings of being at home in your skin.

Coaching helps you to prioritise what is truly important and provides you with tools to help you keep your goals in sight.

When challenges do appear, and they will, life coaching helps you to shift your focus from reacting to your problems to a more centred and solutions-oriented paradigm.

With Astrology and your birth chart, we can look at those challenges and see what manifests in your nature naturally and how we can work that knowledge into your life.

This significant shift expands your capacity to see more opportunities and provides you with more clarity, inspiration, and resolve.
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Personal Development Coach

In my 12 years of online marketing and creating strategies, I worked with many coaches and life coaches in many fields.

It helped give me an insight into how things worked, and yet also what it lacked.

Each life coaching session illuminates transparency about your own identity, what you want for your life, your life vision, and how can you manifest your full potential.

What Do You Want To Do With Your Life?

What are your life goals? With personal coaching, we look at you, self-worth, and your specific needs and try help you see new perspectives on how things were, how they are and how they will be in the future.

Sometimes, it is essential to identify critical points?
  • What does your daily life look like?
  • What are your personal goals?
  • What are your core values?
  • What would a life transition look like for you?
  • Let’s look at the difficult decisions you make and the ones you avoid?
  • If you have a specific problem, let’s look at how we can challenge that?
  • Are you going in the right direction?
  • Are you in alignment with you, who you really are?
  • I pay attention to your pain points, and we look at those, and what difficult decisions we’ll have to take and make to bring you into a new light of understanding your better self.
    tony robbins and business coaching
    business coaching

    Where Is My Best Life?

    If you were to ask what life coaching services were, you’d learn to…
  • Do the work you love
  • Improve your personal and professional relationships
  • Get on the right path to financial independence
  • Stop struggling and start enjoying life
  • Have more time to enjoy life and family
  • Work less while making more money
  • Find the love of your life (if you haven’t already)
  • Get organised and clear clutter
  • Also, much more!
  • Astrology Business Coach

    Yes, I teach marketing, business and publicity strategies.

    Utilise career coaching and step into a successful career aligned with who you are, develop intimate relationships in your personal life.

    However, it all comes from a deep-rooted belief that to do our most significant work in this world – we must begin with and get in touch the human element.
  • If you want a community of great fans and passionate clients, you need to win their hearts by making them feel genuinely seen and heard. Meeting them where they WANT to be satisfied.
  • If you want to become a leading name in your industry, by building relationships with influencers who can help you “level up”, you’ll get there much faster.
  • If you want to be featured in top podcasts and publications, you need to understand what the media is indeed looking for and build a win-win relationship with them.
  • We create professional goals as business owners. Specific goals and goal setting are essential in both business and personal life.

    For you to be and feel like one of life’s success stories, let’s look at what success looks like for you.

    Maybe you have never had a business before. You’d mostly be one of the many start-ups. 

    And that is fine. We can work with that.

    Who Needs Life Coaching?

    Maybe we all do. We all have this vision of our ideal life right?

    However, real life gets in the way. Our mental health is affected. Our physical health and it all has a knock on effect.

    How does an online life coach help?
    I have used five coaches as of 2018, and I may use more.

    As an alternative to traditional therapy, we’re creating the best version of yourself and through step-by-step personal growth, combined with everything else.

    We create action steps for you to follow and reflect on your progress any challenges that arise.

    The coaching I do falls under the following:
  • Life Coach
  • Career Coach
  • Business Coach
  • Marketing Strategy Coach
  • Your Astrology Coach
  • tony robbins and business coaching
    business coaching

    Coaching Program Breakdown

    Coaching program consists of a thorough coaching process, but utilising your already stored default patterns and working with them.

    My coaching style is informal, somewhat direct and can be hard to swallow.

    However, life is short, and we only have one lifetime, as far as we know. We all need self-care and self-love, on all levels.

    Also, perhaps a personal life coach, combined with other areas can provide that for you and give you something that other coaches cannot. However, the astrology side gives me a deeper understanding of who you are.

    I have built my coaching practice using my unique methods and combining all of my areas of expertise to help you to step into the best version of your best life.

    We can look at new strategies and look at applying them to your life.

    However, I can tell you have had life-coaching clients are all happy. Life coaching works when combined with Astrology.
    Note: I do not promise to be a great coach, expert coach, a certified coach, a certified life coach from some international coach federation. I do not have coaching courses (although I have done coaching courses) or even a bachelor’s degree.

    However, I can tell you have had life-coaching clients are all happy. Life coaching works when combined with Astrology.

    Astrology for Your Life and Business

    Between us, we create a safe space and look at self-discovery and exploration of who you are.

    We talk on Skype, so if you are in San Francisco, California, Denver, CO, new york or even London, we can arrange a time that works for us both.

    The difference between a life coach online and face to face coach is that your time is freed up.

    We can do it from the comfort of your house and work around your schedules.

    I also speak passable fluent Spanish.

    I do not do group coaching. I do not have life coaching programs that are generic for everyone. This coaching is you and me. One on one.

    Astrological Life Coaching

    Astrological Life Coaching:
    Free Astro Coaching Session

    That’s right; a free, no obligation Skype call, for up to an hour, where we can both get a feel for each other.

    All I ask is that you complete this questionnaire first so that I can tailor the session just for you. 

    No Skype? Send me a message. We'll figure it out.
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