Hello visitors of my old blog

The Sparkhunter

You could be wondering

Er, what the hell am I doing here?
What is this tomfoolery?
Where the hell is The Sparkhunter website?

Well, let me explain.

So, The Sparkhunter was an evolution of the original domain I had for the website DigiNomad.  DigiNomad had that form for 9 months and then I changed it to The Sparkhunter.

The Sparkhunter started out as me documenting me and my transition from the UK to Mexico, whilst at the same time, doing a lot of deep inner personal work.  The thing that I noticed was that I was quite uncomfortable with explaining a lot of the stuff that I was going through.

This was stuff I have been working through my whole life that needed deeper, harder work. I was not ready to air all of my dirty laundry over the internet.  So I just stopped blogging.

I feel that THE SPARKHUNTER is a good domain and I can put this to good use in the future, but for now, it will live happily, redirecting people to my website which is focusing on creating personalised actionable plans for helping people with their lives using their own natural energies and cycles.

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