.If you have wondered why certain locations have more of an effect on us than others or if there is an optimal place for us to live, then maybe think about getting an astrocartography reading

Have you ever wondered why some places or locations profoundly affect you more than others? For example, you visit a certain place you’ve never been to before and you feel as if you’ve arrived at a special place, or something happens during your trip and it feels like pure luck. This is not a coincidence. Your most relevant experience can be influenced by your astrology energy, regarding your birth chart.

Luck, creative energy, and your love life are all influenced by your birth time and your natal chart. This site was designed to help you understand how that can influence and improve a relevant experience in your life, and encounter a connection to the world to find the best place for each area of your life.

As it turns out, astrology can be used to obtain your astrocartography chart and shed light on places around the globe where you may be able to have a better energy connection. Some aspects of your life will start making sense like they haven’t before. The elements surrounding the day you were born can impact how you interact with the world, and how you experience life as well.

Regardless of your zodiac star sign energy or horoscope, an astrocartography reading into beneficial locations might be the best choice for you. As celestial people, we have creative energy which can influence a person’s life in multiple ways.

Want to know your activated places on earth? Book an astrocartography reading with me!

Want to know your OWN activated places on earth? Simply book a reading with me.

What Is Astrocartography?

Astrocartography, aka Astro*Carto*Graphy (A*C*G), is a relatively new and exciting zenith astrology concept founded by Astrologer Jim Lewis in the 1940s. He discovered astrocartography as a way of taking birth charts and their relevant information regarding cosmic bodies and providing with them a more rounded explanation considering the world as a whole in relation to the individual.

Basically, astrocartography is a technique and practice of examining and mapping astrological influences of specific locations on a world map for an individual’s birth chart.
Astrocartography is also referred to as Relocation Astrology or Location Astrology. It allows pinpointing the influence of every celestial body on each person’s life.

Transit Readings Readings

Astrocartography is a locational astrology mapping system that focuses on all of the elements like the moon line (targeting your emotions) and Venus (love and money) elements of a natal chart, by identifying these factors on a world map.

Each astrocartography chart reflects the energy of the planets to map the lines of the natal chart across the globe.

Astrocartography Lines: What each astrocartography line represents and how planets can help you make your next move in life

Astrocartography goes beyond your zodiac sign and links your energy with the planets and other Astro beings like the moon and the sun. Each will allow you to understand the best place and the right answer for the different areas of your life in line with a specific place on earth.

The closer you are, physically, to that line of the world, the stronger the energy of the planet will impact you.

Astrocartography Lines Image

Venus Line

The Venus line is a great place to define relationships because it connects with love and beauty. It also represents money, self-confidence, and overall a social life. When you are in a place like this all of these areas will thrive.

Neptune Line

This line serves as an eye-opening and warning energy. You may become aware of something you haven’t but you won’t want to spend too much time here because it won’t take you further.

Saturn Line

If you feel like some areas in your life need hard work but you’re unsure where to start, the Saturn line can tell you where. This is one of the lines (Venus and Jupiter too) that can bring peace into our lives.

Mc Lines

Medium Coeli (MC) or Midheaven lines are encountered at the top of your chart. They represent the highest point on the horizon that any planet can reach. They speak to your goals for the future and your achievements. Your birth chart will determine, where the line crosses with your astrocartography chart. These have the most impact on your career and social life.

You can have several MC lines, and they will have different meanings for everyone. You can have the Sun MC line that emphasizes or diminishes masculine traits for example. The Venus Midheaven Line will emphasize different traits depending on how top to the top of the chart it is settled at. The higher it is the larger the emphasis on Venus’s traits.

Pluto Line

This line can lead to transformation, changes, and growth because it is heavily charged with energy. This line is great for pivoting either in your career or your personal or family life.

Uranus Line

This is a disruptive, rebellious line that allows you to get away from your routine and responsibilities

Mercury Line

Linked with communication and thriving thoughts this line is great to unlock creative solutions.

Chiron Line

This is a comet linked to healing processes and your empathy and connection to others and your surroundings.

Jupiter Line

Being one of the three most abundant and positive influences, Jupiter expands joy, fortune, and abundance.

Mars Line

Competitiveness and passion are characteristics of this line which is also where masculine energy stands, the complete opposite of the moon energy.

Astrocartography Chart Maps show all locations on the earth where planets were “angular” (rising, setting, on the zenith or nadir) on the earth atlas at the moment of an event like a person’s birth.

North and South Nodes

The South Node

Reflects on your karmic past to bring past events concerning your present and future.

The North Node

This brings fate, destiny, and a connection to the bigger picture

Diving deeper into elements of your reading

An “angular” planet is conjunct to one of these four angles

Ascendant (AC) – Rising
Descendant (DC) – Setting
Midheaven (MC) – Zenith
Immun Coeli (IC) – Nadir

These locations are displayed in the form of planetary lines on the Astrocartography map.

It’s like if you draw a bunch of wavy lines up and down on the map.

These lines are drawn on top of a map of the world and places that fall on lines, or line intersections are supposed to be more meaningful, powerful, and transformative for you. These lines form an astrocartography map.

And it is with this astrocartography map that we can do an astrocartography reading for you. The energies of these paths come into play in the map and ultimately are affected by places at the same latitude.

Birth Chart Information

Let me break down some factual information.

For me to do a proper online astrology consultation for you, I need some details.

I need the following birth information:

Your birth date

Your birthplace

Your exact birth time

This can be the nearest city or large town to you if you’re born in the middle of nowhere.

Why do you need the exact time and hour of birth for a reading?

Well, at the exact moment you’re born, the earth would have been in a particular place in space as it orbits the sun. But also as the earth spins on its axis, it would have been in a specific location in its 24 hours cycle.

The exact time of birth is significant because the chart changed fractionally every 4 minutes.

This is why it is essential to try and be as exact as possible.

There is more information on about natal charts and birth information.

If you do not know your exact time, you can check your birth certificate, ask your parents or check hospital records.

What Does A Complete Astrocartography Consultation Include?

Astrocartography Reading: How It Can Help You

Astrocartography is a means of discovering where in the world you are affected and how. Relocating in Astrology can be helpful in all areas on your life, from career to relationships. As the astrological influences of things like Mercury Retrograde can be felt, so when you travel to a certain line or certain location, It can help feed that energy.

Just like your horoscope style is unique to you.

Put simply, when you move to another location – to settle down or for a holiday or just travelling through, different parts of your birth chart are stimulated. We can examine your local space and if you don’t like where you are, being a location search for something better.

It raises a lot of questions. But it is great for anyone who’s curious about where they are living and how they can find a way to use the energy of the location to their advantage. Astrology has the ability to examine locations, tell you where to love, how we can feel more, how we can use the maps to our advantage.

Likewise, to know if and where there is little or no hope. And you’d essentially be beating your head against a brick wall.

So if you’ve connected to a place or special point and would like to know why, this way, now you can.

Not only can you understand what planetary energies force and influence you in your present location but a reading about your astrocartography can show you the best places on Earth for things like:

  • Pursue and Follow Your Dreams like teaching yoga or becoming a millionaire.
  • Where To Buy A Home & Where to Call Home.
  • Explore Spiritual Growth
  • Utilise Your Communication Style
  • Improved Your Health, Romance, and Love
  • Adventure and Prosperity
  • Healing Work
  • Give Your Career Efforts A Boost
  • Where to find your clients and help your clients find you.
  • Successful Business Opportunities
  • A sense of family, community and belonging
  • It talks about astrological influences in certain places on earth and not in others.

We can look at your questions like:

  • Where should I live and to have an address?
  • Where are my most favourable cities or lines?
  • Is the Sun line the best?
  • Where is the best city to create a community?
  • Where should I not live
  • How do use astrocartography to make money?
  • Which is the best line according to astrocartography?
  • How do I use astrocartography to plan for a move?
  • Where will I feel in love or have successful relationships
  • Can the line predict amazing events?
  • Where will I meet my number 2
  • Which line talks about your purpose
  • Where is the line where should I make my home
  • How do I bring astrocartography into my life
  • Which planet is the best energy for me?
  • Which line and planet are the worst?
  • Which line and planets and rule happiness?

Imagine how this self-knowledge and the way it can be used. I know it seems like another one of these things we need to take care of. However, when you’re feeling stuck and uncertain about the future, your astrocartography chart can allow you to find an answer you haven’t considered.

We are eager to help you by providing an astrocartography reading that can point you in the right direction.
To help them find their best places on earth.

Want to know your OWN activated places on earth? Simply book a reading with me.

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