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Are you ready for real transformation that aligns your life goals with the purpose and energy of your soul?

By using Astrology for more than the daily horoscopes, or basic compatibility with someone.

Maybe you want to leave your job and start your own business online, but struggle with even a simple idea that would resonate with you?

Or you want to understand patterns around relationships in your life and you want to move on from them?

Or you want to become the best version of you, without old patterns, past trauma or old wounds resurfacing to derail you?


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You can visit my services page if you only want a standard 1-hour Astrology reading, like a natal chart reading or astrocartography reading.
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“My life split into two parts, before Terry, and after Terry

The impact of his intuition, planning and life coaching has spun me 180°; I have nothing but gratitude for him”.


Patricia Leon

Freelance Photographer at


Terry O’Connor is an astrologer, coach and marketing strategist who helps his clients people bring ideas into reality.
By helping people transform their lives by understanding their subconscious needs and behaviours and then aligning them with their own goals.

He is a spiritual astrologer and advisor who provides astrology consultations as well as personalised astrological life coaching.

He helps people transform, get from A to B and can make positive changes in your life, in the form of a spiritual growth plan.

He founded, which has over 35,000 visitors per month. He has contributed to articles featured in online publications like Cosmopolitan, Bustle, She Knows, Well & Good and



Only Practical Astrology Here

I am Not A Spirituality Coach

Why Combine Astrology & Coaching?

Astrological Life Coaching: Free Online Astrology Call

If you’re interested in my 1 on 1 personalized coaching, I offer a free, no-obligation Skype/Zoom phone call, to see if my 8 week coaching program could be a good fit for you. More about the coaching here.

Book an appointment and complete this questionnaire so that I can tailor the phone session just for you

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