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Online Astrologer, Author, Coach and Advisor.  By looking at your birth information, I use astrology to guide you.

That guidance includes looking at your strengths and weaknesses. It also reveals information about your purpose and destiny.

Then we look at that information and integrate it into your life.  Here and Now.

What do you want to do today?

Online Spiritual Astrologer, Advisor & Astrology Consultant

I’m a spiritual astrologer / spiritual advisor who provides Astrology consultations as well as Astrological Life Coaching.

This is not simply predictive fortune telling or any of that mumbo-jumbo.

I’m someone who really likes helping people, people get from A to B or make positive changes in your life, in the form of a spiritual growth plan.

The plan is based on Astrology and our natural energies.

Natal Charts Readings

Birthchart / Astral Chart Readings. Understand your own energy and harness their gifts.

Synastry Chart Readings

Look at the interacting energies between your own chart and that of a friend, companion or lover.

Transit Chart Readings

Look at current astral transits in the sky, how they can manifest in your life and how to manage that energy.

Astro Life Coaching

Work with me to create a plan for your goals and vision for your life, using your astral chart energies.

Explore who you are

Your astrology chart is a reflection of both what is happening in the sky and what is happening inside you. This mirrored reflection shows a picture of your potential; if you give yourself the best of what you need.

I strongly believe that you need to know who you are first before you can know where you’re going. Understanding your own Astrology is the first step.

Through astrology, I can help you understand yourself.

That self-understanding solidifies your power to attain what you want.

Understanding Your Energy & How it Flows

Know who you are! There is no greater quest in your search for happiness and success than self-knowledge.

My life split into two parts, before Terry, and after Terry. The changes I see in my life were exactly what I needed to achieve my dreams. The impact of his intuition, planning and life coaching has spun me 180°; I have nothing but gratitude for him. I am not 100% there yet, but with his coaching, I have started on the path to success.

Karla Leon

CEO, Designer & Photographer

Astrological Life Coaching:
Free Astro Coaching Session

That’s right; a free, no obligation Skype call, for up to an hour, where we can both get a feel for each other.

All I ask is that you complete this questionnaire first so that I can tailor the session just for you.

No Skype? Send me a message. We'll figure it out.


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