Below is a list of the Astrological Services that I offer.

Allow astrology to tell you who you are; then I can help you with where you’re going.







Natal Birth Chart Readings

The first step always starts with a natal birth chart reading. That gives me the opportunity to share with you, my thoughts about your chart regarding challenges, strengths, and your destiny in this lifetime.

There will be time for any questions you might have or a specific area of focus. If you have never had a natal chart reading before, I would suggest learning about your chart first before we dig deeper into anything else. Subsequent sessions can follow up on what direction you want your life to take.

I like to focus on the Soul’s Purposes (in this lifetime), Internal Challenges, Where we suffer and can heal in this lifetime and authentic happiness. Ask me about these.

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Synastry Chart Readings

With Synastry chart readings, we are primarily looking at how two peoples zodiac charts interact with each other energetically.

I think the underlying message is understanding each natal astral chart separately and then looking at what it looks like and what happens when those two charts interact with each other.

A double chart reading like this is known as Synastry Astrology or Synastry (As in The Synastry between these two charts is good). This chart readings to not say whether a couple is a good or bad match or whether they will or will not work in terms of compatibility.

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Transit Charts Readings

When we are looking into the transits of a birth chart, we can get more of an insight into what is currently going on at the moment in the sky and how that affects your energies, as reflected in your own birth chart.

These types of readings are what is commonly used to do predictions like the horoscopes that you would read in newspapers and magazines. This can be beneficial to help people understand what is currently going on in the sky and how it is playing out in their lives. Then we look at what can be learned from this.

This is NOT predicting the future.

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Astrocartography Readings

Astrocartography refers to lines, unique to each of that traves the face of the earth. These lines are created by the ‘imaginary line’ that would be there if these planets were orbiting earth.

All the lines have different meanings and in unison with our axis houses, show us where on earth these specific lines help or hinder us.

What you often find is people can be drawn to place or felt ‘something’ when they visited for work, or break or vacation.

It isn’t even the case that you necessarily need to live in these places, maybe just having a connection to them, is enough.

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All appointments are done online via a Zoom link.

Skype and phone options available

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