Testimonials from past and present clients

“He took this deep level knowledge about me and how I see and interact with the world and applied it concretely to a key project I’ve been working on…

…He’s got a rare mix of spiritual awareness and intuition and combined with technical skills in productivity, goal setting and execution and design”

Steven Shewach

Male Connections Coach at

“I have to say that Terry was able to connect astrological elements with coaching for me like nobody ever has before…

…Today, I feel grounded and understand my purpose and mission in life beyond just the everyday person’s pursuit of passion.”

James Wightman

Personal Coaching at

“Terry is one that I return to over and over again. He is super responsive, a great communicator, and has saved me from a launch melt-down more than once.

…He always makes his customer’s success his highest priority. I highly recommend him and his services.”

Jennifer Gresham

Founder at & Moonshot Coach at

“My life split into two parts, before Terry, and after Terry

The impact of his intuition, planning and life coaching has spun me 180°; I have nothing but gratitude for him”.

Patricia Leon

Freelance Photographer at

“He is a real listener that doesn’t judge, criticise or tell you what to do.

Instead, he helps you to realise how in control of your life you are. I cannot thank him enough for the time he’s taken to support me when I needed it the most”.

Robb Knott

Founder of Chilli Pepper Content

“Working with Terry always left me with a sense of hope for the next meeting.

It’s tremendously hard to find someone who combines having clear, analytical knowledge of their field and the methodology of being a good partner – mentor, even, with a spirit of generosity – of ideas, solid advice, time, and friendship”.

Kevin Peng

World Traveller & Freelance Developer