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I had fortunate opportunity to spend a lot of high quality time with Terry recently. We began with his expert translation of my birth chart. This included going into great detail, clearly explaining many revealing facets of my lifelong patterns and ‘areas of opportunity’. From there he took this deep level knowledge about me and how I see and interact with the world and applied it concretely to a key project I’ve been working on that had hit a giant speed bump. He helped map out a game plan and provided great motivation to get me moving again. And he offered up plenty of solid nuggets of advice, insights and creative recommendations to help me reach my goal. Terry is the real deal. He’s got a rare mix of spiritual awareness and intuition and combined with technical skills in productivity, goal setting and execution and design. I think its his shiny bald head that makes him this awesome. Steven Schwack

Bogus Belief Buster, schwach.com

I have to say that Terry was able to connect astrological elements with coaching for me like nobody ever has before. I’m experienced in coaching and also decently versed in astrology, but the way Terry was able to combine them and use them to support me in growing was life-changing. We were able to pinpoint where I was at in life, why I was experiencing mixed feelings, and the ways I’m transforming myself and how to feel more aligned. Today, I feel grounded and understand my purpose and mission in life beyond just the everyday person’s pursuit of passion. Mine is all consuming, I now know myself, and am able to confidently move forward and handle anything life that comes my way to stay on path. A small investment for a lifetime of happiness is one of the best choices anyone can make. James Wightman

Co-Founder & Chief Rebel Advisor, RebelAdvisors.org

When you lose direction in your life, it can be difficult to get back on track unless you find a guardian angel to help you. For me, that was Terry. Although I knew what I wanted, I had no idea of the steps I had to take to achieve it and how to go about it. Terry taught me to organise my thoughts, my life and activities in a simple way, in which I can see my progress and that in turn motivates me to achieve my goals. He took my way of doing things, he threw them away and put in my hands the tools that have helped me to work more intelligently and productively.

He is an excellent coach and explains things in an easy, clear manner. He has that knack for explaining things so you understand easily and in turn, you move forwards. He has a unique skill with astrology and knows how to motivate. He knows how to help you see and assess your potential, how to understand things and how to make you smile when things are not going well. He has brought the best out of me. He helped me start to build the best version of myself.

My life split into two parts, before Terry, and after Terry. The changes I see in my life were exactly what I needed to achieve my dreams. The impact of his intuition, planning and life coaching has spun me 180°; I have nothing but gratitude for him.

I am not 100% there yet, but with his coaching, I have started on the path to success. Karla Leon

Lead Designer & Photographer , Karla Leon

Terry inspired me to take a long look at my life after watching him take control of his own. At the time, I was just stepping into a corporate career just as Terry was giving his up for good. As I recall, he was mere days away from jetting away to travel the world yet still found the time to sit down and listen to me harp on about the concerns I had about the path I was taking.

He is a real listener that doesn’t judge, criticise or tell you what to do. Instead, he helps you to realise how in control of your life you are. I cannot thank him enough for the time he’s taken to support me when I needed it the most. Rob Knott

Freelance Copywriter, Chill Pepper Content

Terry helped me in so many ways. We came to know each other online.  I felt immensely supported not only by his well-rounded knowledge of web design and online marketing skills, which is already fine in and of itself but what made me stick with him are his optimistic, yet grounded tone and his keen ability and desire to help people achieve their goals. It’s tremendously hard to find someone who combines having clear, analytical knowledge of their field and the methodology of being a good partner – mentor, even, with a spirit of generosity – of ideas, solid advice, time, and friendship. Working with Terry always left me with a sense of hope for the next meeting, knowing that we had worked out a sound game plan for the week, but he was much more than just an accountability partner. If you know yourself to be a person with unorthodox ideas and an attitude of ploughing right through difficulties, then working with Terry will be a blast Kevin Peng

Freelance Designer

Working with Terry has just been great for helping me with blockages in my career. He’s a very good listener, offered great advice or offer possible solutions. It was like listening to an idea generator. He has an open mind which helped when I discussed my problems with him.

He is an inspiration for people who want to really change their lives. He is living by his own example and I now see his influence in my own life, and how it has spilt over into my career. Sian Healy

Founder & CEO, Olinda Of London

Terry is an excellent coach, first of all. He was able to listen to my fears, desires, musings, and questions and provide concrete direction. On top of that, he has a deep understanding of astrology, which helped him guide me in ways that satisfy my soul more than regular coaching ever could. Caroline Grambo

Information Support Officer, London Transport Museum

I look forward to my conversations with Terry. He has helped me to have a deeper understanding of myself, whenever I am puzzled or overwhelmed. He doesn´t only offers an explanation from the astrological perspective but provides guidance on how to tackle the feelings. He strikes a unique balance of careful listening with sharing his experiences and ideas thus offering a clear path of actions to accomplish my goals. Melina Lopez

Head English Co-ordinator

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