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Learn a bit about me, how I got here and what I can do for you.

Hi, I’m Terry O’Connor.

Christened Terence, but referred to as Terry. Tel is okay also.

My goal is to show you that there are better and more practical ways to use your time, money and energy – with minimum input and maximum output. If I can do that and inspire you to change your life for the better, then I’ll be a very happy. Which was not always the case…

Most of my life just felt shitty.

I mean had a good life by general standards, but the main issue was work. I had a steady desk job as a web designer – something I’d been doing for 12 years, but for some reason, I just felt down in the dumps from 9-5. Nothing was enriching my life anymore, in all areas. I couldn’t pinpoint the problem, but just that something was up.

In typical Terry fashion, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably great at giving out advice, but not so good at following it yourself. Maybe you’re even a little stubborn at times when it comes to asking for help, preferring instead to muddle on through rather than burdening others with your problems?

I worked at this desk for 5 years.
“…I took control of my life, and you can do the same…”
It all changed the day I admitted to myself that I needed some guidance, in conjunction with a lot of inner healing and soul-searching on myself. I reached out to my life coach. With his help, I realised that I was the one making myself miserable by holding myself back from what I wanted the most – freedom.

  • Free from my mistakes
  • Free from the problems of my past
  • Free from my negative thinking
  • Free from being at my desk all day
  • Free from constant overthinking

It actually turned out, I had a lot of issues around love, self-love and self-acceptance. Working through these things, I can honestly say, as I type this, that I am not the same guy. I actually feel happy to be alive.

Why WOULDN’T you want to feel like this?

Giving myself permission, time and space to really do some deep transformative work in terms or understanding who I am, accepting who I am and allowing myself to heal and grow is the greatest gift I could have given myself.

I was done with the old me. It was working anymore. I wanted to be the new me.

Then the real digging began

I thought how I could be of service to other people and decided to used what came naturally.

1. I am a creative person. I’m an artist, blessed with a creative mind. I am always coming up with ideas.  In fact, I’d say its easier for me to start something than it is to see something through to completion.  That is why I own a design company and I hire people to help me.

2. I have been studying Astrology and Numerology for 14 years. I was never interested in fortune telling. I was interested in peoples ‘default’ behaviours according to their birth chart and if these behaviours can be transcended. I can analyse numerology combinations, astrological geometry in people’s charts and the relationships they form with friends, family and romantic relationships. This has given me great insight into how people work and how they can utilise their energies to follow paths accurate for them.

3. I have worked as an E-commerce Project Manager in a marketing department for the last five years. Doing this job gave me plenty of room to explore creative ideas in a modern way that was current, desired by people and could be used to fulfil business dreams, yet equally, would apply to people’s personal lives.

What followed next was illuminating. I tested all of these skills FOR FREE, for a year to see if this was something that could shift people’s lives. Could it give them insight into their lives and clarity on a path they want to take, broken down into actionable steps that create achievable goals?

Take Action Today. Let’s Work Together.

About The Astrology

This website is designed for people like you to realise your own potential. Its purpose is to educate you about YOU and empower yourself to make the necessary changes to your own life for the better. The Astrology readings are for understanding what is going on energetically within you and around you.

About the Coaching

Aside from the initial free, up to 1 hour call, this is a paid investment into yourself and your happiness. I use a combination of techniques, from simply listening without judgment to connecting the key events in your life with your chart. Everyone is unique and therefore so is every solution to each person’s pain.

Astrological Life Coaching:
Free Astro Coaching Session

That’s right; a free, no obligation Skype call, for up to an hour, where we can both get a feel for each other.

All I ask is that you complete this questionnaire first so that I can tailor the session just for you. 

No Skype? Send me a message. We'll figure it out.


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