When you understand your own inside energy, everything outside is possible.

Hi, I’m Terry.

I’m an Astrologer, coach, (soon to be) author and digital marketer and creative strategist who helps people understand their own energies. From then, helps people manifest their real-life goals from ideas to reality.

People come to me with dreams like…

  • Creating online businesses in alignment with who they are
  • Marketing and branding that they can identify with
  • Leaving behind their pain and healing
  • Freeing themselves from old thoughts and habits that keep them from shining their brightest light
  • Leaving the 9 to 5 and being their location independent boss.
Business Program

However, do any of these sound familiar?

Are you blocking your own your path to success and happiness with internal clashes?
Maybe you’ve tried online courses and coaching before that are just cookie-cutter programs. And you’re just left to ‘figure them out’ for yourself?

Or maybe there is this inner version of you that is trapped away and not being able to shine and you want to let that person be free, but you’re not sure what is holding you back?

You’ve had enough. You want to overcome challenges with your career, health, or relationships. Now you’re dedicated change and manifesting what you want in your life?

You feel like there is a gap between who and where you are and who and where you want to be and you’re not clear about the steps to get there.

That was my story, too…

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None (of the right ones).

Before I became a web designer and eventually owning a design agency,

I had 43 different jobs. True fact. And I hated them all.

I felt like I didn’t fit with anything. And because I was a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, there was often a pain in trying to ‘fit in’.

I later realised this didn’t just apply to be work-life. But all areas of my life. Social, romantic, family and business expectations all jarred with me.

I didn’t address any of this or make the necessary changes until I was 38 years old.

This was my desk from September 2009 to January 2015. My last fulltime job.

Desk Cut

It all changed the day I admitted to myself that I needed some guidance, in conjunction with a lot of inner healing and soul-searching on myself. I reached out to my own life coach. It actually turned out, I had a lot of issues around love, self-love and self-acceptance. The issue was not work at all.

With his help, I realised that I was the one making myself miserable by holding myself back from what I wanted the most – freedom.

  • Freedom from my mistakes
  • Freedom from the problems of my past
  • Freedom from my negative thinking
  • Freedom from being at my desk all day
  • Freedom from constant overthinking

Working through these things, I can honestly say, as I type this, that I am not the same guy. I actually feel happy to be alive.

Giving myself permission, time and space to really do some deep transformative work in terms or understanding who I am, accepting who I am and allowing myself to heal and grow is the greatest gift I could have given myself.

Truly Aligned

Facing a life childhood of bullying, physical pain, depression and secret addictions, the life I wanted and the life I had seemed worlds apart.

Ironically, connecting the dots was something that had always been effortless when I worked with clients, but seemed impossible to see my own steps.

I was running parallel work lives between business marketing and branding of my day job and the personal spiritual and astrological work I was doing with clients. It was only when I combined the 2, I realised

I Had Found My Thing

When I was ready to launch my own business, I did so with encouragement and endorsements from my own friends who all said

“you should have done this all along”

Over the past few years, I’ve built 3 successful online businesses. One is an (almost) 6-figure business that helps normal people break their own barriers and beliefs and transform themselves and their lives into something that is in alignments with who they really are.

Astrology Life Coach

Helping ordinary people achieve extraordinarily things

Some of my clients and students include…

  • Karla — who quit working for her family business in Mexico and moved to NYC to become a photographer. She moved past her health issues and relationship blockages and literally changed her life.
  • James — Already a coach in his own right, we worked together to look at some of the subconscious motivations and ‘go to’ behaviours and how to align with the good and let go of the bad.
  • Kevin — Who was unsure about the career path he wanted to take. Was pushed towards his own business, but actually felt better aligned working with someone else.
  • Lara — Exploring conflicting relationships with parents and looking at the effect it had on her romantic life and how healing the energy with one would impact the other.
  • Maria — a woman in her late 60’s, with no previous experience, launching her own recruitment agency, despite never running and office.

They bring the hard work and talent.

I helped them envision new possibilities and realise their dreams.

And I can help you do the same.

Terry Astrology Business Coach

Terry’s Bio

Terry is an astrologer, coach, and marketing strategist who helps his clients people bring goals and ideas into reality and in alignment with their own energies.

This is done by helping people understand their subconscious needs and behaviors and then aligning them with their own goals through a spiritual growth plan. These work for personal and professional objectives in the real world. In this lifetime.

He is a spiritual astrologer and advisor who provides astrology consultations, like astrocartography and personalised astrological life coaching.

He founded Astrology42.com, which has over 25,000 visitors per month. He has been featured in online publications like Cosmopolitan, Bustle, She Knows, Well & Good, and Marriage.com.

He divides his time between the United Kingdom and Mexico.

He is on the following social media accounts.

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