Here are some common questions about The Astro Coach.

I get asked a lot about what I do and the services I am offering.

I have put together a list of questions and answered that often come up.

I think that should do the job just fine.

If there is something here that you do not see but would like to ask, just ask away.


Gettin Started

So what is a life coach? / What does a life coach do?
In a nutshell, a personal life coach is someone that helps you to make sense of your direction in life, the decisions you make and the path you choose to take into the future.

If I’m honest, I actually don’t care much for the job title or any title (if I am honest). Other people have said life coach, spiritual coach, astrology coach and more.

I’m just a guy with a lot of experience in planning and combines it with Astrology to help people come up with plans to help people overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

My goal is to help you grow as a person, not tell you how to live your life.

Why should I pay you if don’t consider yourself a professional life coach?
That’s a perfectly valid question. All I can say is that if I wasn’t confident that I can help you, I wouldn’t be offering a free 60-minute online life coaching session. If after that 60-minute chat you still don’t feel comfortable investing into additional sessions then that’s completely fine. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

That said, Steve Jobs was not a technology expert, he had no relevant qualifications to making phones and computers, yet people believed in him, what he was doing and he knew he could give the people what they wanted, even though they didn’t even know it yet.

Why do you help people?
I’m a deeply spiritual person and believe in a form of Karma. I’d like to think that if I can help other people improve their lives, it somehow impacts my life. That said, I seem to be pretty good at it. Whether it’s helping people with online marketing plans, keeping people accountable or helping people understand who they are a little better.
How do you incorporate astrology into the sessions?
Astrology and the other “alternative practices” are merely tools used to gain insight into things and events that are naturally occurring already. Often I do not even reference it.
You mention Astrology; what if I don’t believe in that?
I consider myself very much a spiritual / holistic life coach and use astrology as a tool to identify and work with your energy flows. It is not about predicting if you’ll get a new partner or now. If you would prefer we didn’t use astrology, that is perfectly fine, it’s just one of many techniques we can use during our sessions.
What does a typical session involve?
Just a sure fire conversation that will kick both of our butts into moving forwards in our lives.
Why do I need to complete a questionnaire? And will my details be safe?

The questionnaire helps me to tailor the free 60-minute session specifically for you so you can get the most out of those 60 minutes. And of course, your details will never be shared or discussed with anyone.


So Astrology? You believe all that?
With Astrology, it is simply a thing. All I am doing is reading information and interpreting that information in a way that is helpful to the client. Yes, I know a lot about it. I have studied Astrology for about 12 years.
What Astrology Services do you offer?

Apart from the coaching I offer above, I offer Birth Chart readings, Challenges, Synastry Readings and Transit Readings. I also do Astrocartography reading analysis.
I also do relocation chart information about the energies of the earth that benefit or hinder you, specific to certain locations.
Finally, I like to do most of my work on Chiron, North Node and Part Of Fortune. Areas I feel are the most important for our developments.

Why is there a free call for coaching and not for Astrology?
The free coaching call is to assess where people are in their lives. Hardly any (if any) astrological information is provided on their birth charts. It is simply to gauge if my coaching will work for them. The actual coaching is NOT free. Just the assessment call.

With Astrology readings, we are specifically addressing issues that they want to discuss regarding their charts.


How much do the sessions cost? / How much do life coaches charge?
Details of my prices and programs I offer are available on the services page. The coaching varies depending on how many weeks you want.

Many personal development and life coach fees are sky high; thankfully mine are not.

How do I pay?
All payments are processed online, most likely through PayPal, as a lot of people know and trust this service.

If we agree to work together, I will send you a link for which you can make payment online.

If you enjoy helping people, why don’t you do this for free?
If rent, food and broadband were free, then so too would be my services and I would be totally fine with that.

Unfortunately, this just isn’t the world we live in.

Do you offer face to face sessions?
At present, I do not. I live a fairly nomadic lifestyle at present, so, for now, it’s purely over Skype. I am available to work with people at a wellness retreat, and so if you happen to be at one of those, there is a good change we could meet.


Is there anything you can’t help me with?
I will certainly do my best to help with anything, but if I can’t help, I would tell you that during our initial 30-minute chat. I probably will not be able to fix that leak under your sink, but I can tell you how to do it.
You mention that you run several other businesses, what are they?
I’m the co-founder of a digital marketing & design agency. I also have my own humour inspired clothing line. I also have several other smaller projects on the go.

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