Astrocartography Reading:
Online Chart Analysis

Have you ever wondered why some places or locations have a profound effect on you, more than others?

Regardless of your zodiac star sign or horoscope, a reading into beneficial locations might be the best astrological reading you.


What Is Astrocartography?

Astrocartography, aka Astro*Carto*Graphy (A*C*G), is a relatively new and exciting concept of zenith astrology, founded by Astrologer Jim Lewis in the 1940s.

Astrocartography is a technique and practice of examining and mapping astrological influences of specific locations on a world map for an individual’s personal birth chart.

It is referred to also as relocation astrology.

Astrocartography is a locational astrology system that focuses on all of the elements like the moon (emotional needs) and Venus (love and money) elements of the natal chart, by identifying these factors on a world map.

Astro Maps show all locations on the earth where planets were “angular” (rising, setting, on the zenith or nadir) on the earth atlas at the moment of an event like a person’s birth.

An “angular” planet is one that is conjunct one of these four angles

  • Ascendant Lines (AC)
  • Descendant Lines (DC)
  • Midheaven Lines (MC)
  • Immun Coeli (IC)

These locations are displayed in the form of planetary lines on the Astrocartography world map.

In fact, it’s like if you draw a bunch of wavy lines up and down on the map.

These lines are drawn on top of a map of the world and places that fall on lines, or line intersections are supposed to be more meaningful, powerful, transformative for you.

Birth Chart Information

Let me break down some factual information.

For me to do a proper online astrology consultation of your natal chart or birth chart for you, I need some details.

I need the following birth data:

  • your birth date
  • your birthplace
    • This can be the nearest city or large town to you if you’re born in the middle of nowhere.
  • your exact birth time

Why do you need the exact time and hour of birth?

Well, at the exact moment of your birth, the earth would have been in a particular place in space as it orbits the sun. But also as the earth spins on its axis, it would have been in a specific location in its 24 hours cycle.

The exact time of birth is significant because the time of a birth chart changed fractionally every 4 minutes.

This is why the hour of your birth is essential to try and be as exact as possible.

There is more information on about the birth chart and exact birth times.

If you do not know your time of birth, you can check your birth certificate, ask your parents or check hospital records.

What Does A Complete Astrology Consultation Include?

Astrocartography Reading: How It Can Help You

Astrocartography is a means of discovering where in the world you are affected and how. Relocation Astrology can be helpful in all areas on your life, from career to relationships. As the astrological influences of things like Mercury Retrograde can be felt, so when you travel to a certain location, It can help feed that energy.

Just like your horoscope style is unique to you.

Put simply, when you move to another location – to settle down or for a holiday or just travelling through, different parts of your birth chart are stimulated.

It is great for anyone who’s curious about where they are living and how they can use the energy of the location to their advantage. Astrology has the ability to examine locations, tell her where to love, how we can feel more, how we can use the maps to our advantage.

Likewise,  to know if and where there is little or no hope. And you’d essentially be beating your head against a brick wall.

So if you’ve connected to a place or location and would like to know why now you can.

Not only can you understand what planetary energies force and influence you in your present location but Astrocartography can show you the best places on Earth to:

  • Pursue and Follow Your Dreams
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Improved Your Health, Romance and Love
  • Adventure and Prosperity
  • Healing Work
  • Give Your Career A Boost

It talks about astrological influences in certain places on earth and not in others.

We can look at your questions like:


  • where should I live
  • where should I not live
  • how do use astrocartography to make money
  • which is the best line according to astrocartography
  • how do I use astrocartography to plan for a move
  • where will I feel in love

    Birth Chart: How Do You Evolve?

    Astrocartography – Where Should I Live?

    Often, we get people and clients calling and wanting support with Astrology.

    Often then get a job and they will have to relocate their family and they want a report for each family member. The star sign report for each person will be different. Often each astrology report for each family will be different.

    So when it comes to moving, people want to know about

    • Relocation to another state
    • Relocation to another country
    • Relocation to the other side of the world

    Maybe the Astrology will be good for 1 and not the other and so people want to factor that in.

    A reading with an astrologer can give you a verbal reading report of what the maps are telling you. This is more than horoscopes.

    So maybe you are interested in a map that shows where in the world each of our planets would have occupied one of the four angles, had we been born in that place. and understand how our psychology is linked inextricably to the effects of place: to the people, culture and patterns of life we find in different parts of the world.

    Call today to see the potential that is opens to us when we engage with the energy of another location. This seminar explores the technique of astro-cartography and the related technique of chart

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