Okay, so I have had a few people ask me on this site, on email, and in person, why I could just not go over to America to be with Kelli to see if it would work.
As for as I am aware, I am only entitled to a holiday visa, which entitles me to a 3 month stay in the USA.   The reasons that I cannot do this are easy.

Now I am not saying that I wouldn't give those things up, just that a little planning might be necessary first.   I couldn’t just go over there and not come back, for example.
I am not too sure how knowledgeable people are when it comes to requirements for moving to the USA, so I thought I would detail everything.   There are only a certain number of ways that a foreigner is allowed to reside in the USA.
These are all my options that I am aware of.

Why Don't You Just Move There?

  1. Sponsorship Visa. Being sponsored by an American company to work there.  This is basically saying that the employing company are going to be responsible for me and I am not going there to claim off the state for example.  You normally have to be some kind of specialist in a required field of work.  They wont do it for McDonald's employees for example.  Doctors, scientists, specialist teachers, IT brains etc. I am only a web designer.   They have them 10 a penny in USA.  I also do not have a BA Hons, only an associates degree.   And I believe they do not hire over there, especially foriegners, unless you have a BA Hons?
  2. Student Visa.   This would be for me to study in the USA.  This a lot more expensive than studying over here in the UK.  For which I would also have to save.  I am not sure this is a route I would like to go down as I have already spent 5 yrs in further education.   I also do not work in the field that I studied in.   And further to that, you cannot work a full time position and study.   So I would not necessarily be able to afford to live there if I was to study there.   There may be a way that I could get an internship, but I have looked into that and it does not seem all that plausible either.
  3. Family Visa. If I was a direct line descendant from an American or I had immediate family who were American, I could move there on a relations visa.  Unfortunately, I only have distant cousins, and its not a strong enough link.
  4. Investment Visa. If I have $100,000, I can get over there on the premise that I am using the money to start/run an enterprise where I would be employing a minimum of 5 americans.   I dont have that kind of money.  I do intend to start my own company, but at the moment, its more an idea on paper, than an actual practicality.
  5. Green Card Lottery Visa. Unfortunately I do not qualify for this.  Residents of the United Kingdom are not allowed to participate in this.   Both of my parents were born in the UK and they both have English/British passports.I know.   It sucks!!
  6. Spouse Visa. That's right.   Marriage!! This was the route I was going to go down with Kelli.  There is a lot of paper work involved (that I would have to pay for all of, as Kelli was broke at the time) and Kelli would have had to come to the UK, at least to visit, to show the marriage in authentic terms, and we know what happened there.  Kelli would kinda have to keep on top of the paperwork whilst the whole things was going ahead……and give everything that happened with her not being in constant contact (like you should be), her behaviour was unreliable.  Its an important thing, legal this and legal that.   With Kelli disappearing for weeks and months on end, and with a regular means of contact, it would prove to be too much effort to make sure that she was helping things move smoothly along.

So that is it folks

That is why I cannot move to the USA to be with Kelli.    Kelli would have to want to be with me to help me get there to be with her.
If there are any visa people over there that know of something that I have overlooked, then please feel free to contact me, but you can tell that I have done my homework.
I hope that clarifies any questions for people that were wandering why I couldn't just pop over there.
I’ll have another post soon.   Not a lot has happened really.

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