Okay, so I have had a few people ask me on this site, on email, and in person, why I could just not go over to America to be with Kelli to see if it would work.
As for as I am aware, I am only entitled to a holiday visa, which entitles me to a 3 month stay in the USA.   The reasons that I cannot do this are easy.

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Job
  • Bills
  • Life

Now I am not saying that I wouldn’t give those things up, just that a little planning might be necessary first.   I couldn’t just go over there and not come back, for example.
I am not too sure how knowledgeable people are when it comes to requirements for moving to the USA, so I thought I would detail everything.   There are only a certain number of ways that a foreigner is allowed to reside in the USA.