Magi Astrology Reading – Career Reading
Jan 21, 2020

This reading was mainly regarding work and a few other areas.
Work and Career.
What would give me soul satisfaction and how would I specifically excel in making money. These are 2 different area’s.

What would give me soul satisfaction?

Soul Deep Satisfaction is found by following the soul path which is indicated by the North Node. The Sign, House and aspects to it all give great indication as to what.
North Node is in Libra, in the 2nd House. Opposite Moon, and trine Jupiter. I do need to earn a living. To make my own way financially and learn the lessons of doing so.
Libra or venus ruled things as venus rules Libra. Thing that have to do with beautification or any kind. Beauty or fashion, interior design, architecture and landscape design, grooming or hair salon. Anything that involves making the world a better looking place. Graphic Design, WEB DESIGN, and thing with design after it.
A little less, but it implies to music. Musical beauty.
I am happy when creating beauty.
Libra also rules partnerships. So I would be happy if I had a business partner, as long as it was a 50/50 split, and/or I was 50% responsible for the success. I’d be happier with a partner rather than sole trader.
Soul perspectives. You DO need to be in relationships. Partners in life in general. I feel like I need to be in a relationship (and yet I’ve spent most of my life alone – hmmm). Thats more of a non business thing though.
Important not to let emotions drag you away from dealing with business, taking care of business. There are times when my impulsiveness, (my aries moon) drags me off task. Important to keep eye on the ball, keep focused. Dont get caught up with emotional reactivity.
Jupiter – trine – North Node. A career that allows you to do good for others. Making someones life better in someway supports the making someones world more attractive. This will fill the soul satisfaction.

What types of pursuits will allow me to make the most money for me?

Mars comes up that rules me making money. 4 different pairings all include mars.
Going after something with Martian determination, forcefulness, displaying leadership, maybe something athletic. Using determination. Something involving the public or the internet. Something like selling athletic shoes on-line. ha ha
Using Uranus influences as well (I think Mars and Uranus form some kind of aspect). It rules, computers, the internet, the general public, astrology, fame. Doing any one of these in some forceful and dynamic way, or a mars ruled business on the internet.
Neptune ruled businesses as well. Neptune rules real estate, minerals,medicine, music, co-rules artistic pursuits (would I have made it in the band, with a little more oomph?).
Mars – Ceres as well. Ceres rules the Mars business.
Mars – Uranus – towards fame.
Mars – Neptune – creative ideas, creativity, new ideas, artistry, new theories.
Mars – Saturn –
Jupiter/Pluto Magi Quad.
Venus (soul satisfaction) and Mars (business) energy combined……..working in the sexual business/ sex industry. Mars and Venus heavily involved in athletics, or bring beauty to sex…….designing lingerie.
Jupiter – Pluto Magi Quads all contain Mars. They indicate where to make the most money. Be in the Mars business, but using a Venus tilt.
Mars Energy needs to be channelled. Mars for money. Venus for soul satisfaction. Combine the 2. Need to be aggressive and driving, but making beauty, for the benefit of other people.
This will give me the ultimate job.
Then answered a few questions and talked a little about Astro cartography.
I had this reading in February 2010.

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