Magi Astrology Reading – My Chart Reading.
Jan 21, 2020

So. Back in February 2010, I had my Magi <may-jigh) reading down. I have studied my birth chart myself for about four yrs, understanding myself, only a little bit. I have had a Magi reading in the past, and it was SO accurate. I was just in complete awe. Everything is true BTW.
So I thought I would write this down and let me people make up their minds. I am happy to invite comparisons from people that don’t do Magi Astrology to compare to ‘normal’ birth chart readings. The second part of this text will come up later.

So this is me writing down what I have from a saved conversation.
Sun in Cancer (16°), Moon in Aries (18°) and Ascendant in Virgo (17°) and other planets are in sync also. Saturn is at 15°, trine Moon. Vesta at 19°, just wide of Saturn conjunction; Juno at 14° Trine Sun, Square Saturn.
Neptune at 13° trine Saturn, quincunx Sun. An iron butterfly between juno and moon. A few minutes out of orb.
What does it all mean?

  • Saturn square Juno – Tugs in me between fantasy and reality.
  • Moon square Sun and Moon trine Saturn both have difficulty in being in touch with emotions. Trouble getting in touch with feelings.
  • Saturn trine Moon – someone who keeps there feelings under wraps. Aries moon is more interested in exciting things and not very gushy.
  • Saturn square Juno – Sometimes I am pragmatic, and sometimes changeable and often wearing rose coloured glasses.
  • Lovely Sun / Neptune. Very Creative and I look very young for age.
  • Vesta trine moon. Feelings run deep. Sweet and gentleness. You have a good heart; you’re just not very revealing.
  • A long bow/minor grand trine. Jupiter /Vesta /Moon. – When you find someone worthy, you are INCREDIBLY loyal. Will give enormous devotion.
  • Uranus op Chiron – You have a need for space. A scenario like a long distance relationship is not surprising. Space seems necessary
  • Mars – sextile – Mercury – quick brain and to understand, basically you pick things up quickly.
    Jupiter sextile Vesta –
  • (Kite sync) Pallas – Pluto – a little bit obsessive. Fixated and focus, difficult to shift gears or remove focus
  • Mars – Venus parallel. It’s a sexual aspect. It means you get switched on and then switched off. Someone switches you on and then intermittently switches you off. Or if someone pushes you too far or you lose patience or love, you remained turned off. It’s like an on/off switch with the sexuality/sexual feelings. Sometimes on, sometimes off.
    • Need to learn to identify what creates the switched off response and pay attention to when it happens. Figure it out. And then address it. That’s just how you are wired.
  • Jupiter/sun/mercury triple parallel – and extra dose of kindness, fair-minded and you give people the benefit of doubt.
  • Uranus/Chiron – Quanta parallel as well as opposition. Enhances the need for freedom and space creating fear of enmeshment, strangling you, sucking you dry and being tangled up with someone.

Helio chart things also.

  • Confusion. You give mixed messages.
  • Sometimes people think I am mad at them, and they cannot work out why. I guess I give people that impression.
  • Sometimes I am cynical and sometimes I am too idealistic. I need to be a little more moderate. Don’t dive into relationships. Take it slow. Trust is not a wide open door, nor be shut. Needs to be gradually earnt.
  • See saw between over idealistic and having such high expectations and then if I get burnt I become cynical. Need a middle ground.
  • I’ve probably broken a heart or 2.
  • You beat yourself up ENORMOUSLY. Too kind a man to not notice when you have hurt someone. And it bothers you.
  • Slightly obsessive, you dream hard about true love.
  • Sometimes I get angry when people push me past comfort zone, threatened or insecure.
  • Quite a thinker in business. Thinking is usually far out on a limb and astonishing thought, but every once in a while you end up going down the wrong alley.

She then talks about Kelli.
Kelli and I have soulmate connections, but a lot of clashes. More clashes were coming from her. Right off the bat, it is NOT a good relationship. A lot of captivation placing ‘holds’ on each other. Confused each other. Broke each other’s heart.
Run away, don’t walk. More trouble than its worth. It would not work out. Kelli is not the one. Not even close.
Well, that conflicts a lot with what this guy said about Kelli and me.


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