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Jun 7, 2018

Hello all

So yeah, this is me. In the flesh. I have been studying my birth chart for a while now, and just astrology in general. Click on the image of the chart below and it will open it up full size, then just hit the back button on your browser to come back to this article:

My Chart

This is my birth chart. It helped me learn a lot about myself. Understand things a little better. Originally, I got into it because I wanted to understand the relationship that I have with Kelli under the running blog of ‘The Greatest Love Story Ever Told’.
But I have done a separate article on Mine and Kelli’s birth charts.
When learning about me and my chart, it explained a lot about who I was, and the conflicts that I had with myself and with others.
I always figured that when I used to read these books that described Cancerians, that I was not a typical one. They made cancers out to be some mum loving wet fish. And while I love my family, I’m probably not clingy, mushy, or overly emotional. I would say that I am romantic, but more about the unspoken/unsaid gestures, and I like the same back. I like the mental connection of romance rather than over dramatic gestures.
The key things I would say that stand out for me are my Sun square Moon, my Mars Square Saturn, and my sun square Pluto.

Sun Square Moon

I have read that there is a lot of disharmony with people that have this, but I don’t mind it now. When I first read that I had all these squares within my chart, I was a little depressed that I had supposedly been affected with all of these alignments. I actually know a lot of people who have a lot of harmony between their sun and moon, and I sometimes see them as people that do not care as much. 2 of my best mates have sun square moon, and I can relate to their disharmony, but they seem to be more driven than my friends whose planets are at peace with each other.

Mars Square Saturn

Ooh, the bain of my life. When I first read my chart, I was firstly concerned with my Sun and Moon clash, but it seems apparent, that my greatest cross is having my Mars square my Saturn. I think the easiest way for me to put this is as follows:
I have all the drive, energy and enthusiasm, but when it comes to doing something about it, I guess I am lazy, or I put it off, or I give up at the first hurdle. For someone who wants to achieve a lot in this life, I find this tough to deal with. Also, I find it hard because of my moon in Aries wanting to take charge and lead everything, especially when frustrated. For me to get anything of any significance done takes a lot of effort, and I see progress a lot slower than others. Would that make my achievements more worthy, because the first battle I have with myself?

Now this one is the one area that I can read up on and it still not makes any sense to me. I know that it is about looking deep and rediscovering myself, but I think I am at peace with myself on the whole, so I am not sure if this is an ongoing battle or I just have to dig deep every time the shit hits the fan.

Grand Trine (fire) with 2 kites (Libra and Gemini)

Apparently having a trine in fire is good. Something to do with natural gifts that we do not use, or that we take for granted because they come so easily. The fact that I have two kites should, in theory, give my trine focus, but I am still struggling to understand this gift that I have. I would say that I am gifted when it comes to being creative and everyone is always saying that I should do something with it. I think that sounds like a trine in fire. But I don’t know how to harness the positives in my trine and kites, or even what they are.

Astrology – The Beginning.

I actually got into astrology because a lot of what I had read about me didn’t seem to fit. Also after meeting Kelli online and feeling so strongly about her, I decided to look at my history of women to see if there was a pattern or a type that I had gone for. So I went through all my previous girlfriends, crushes, infatuations and passing attractions, and got all their birth-charts (cancer tenacious). So what did I discover?
Most of them were either cancers or aquarian’s. On studying my chart, it made sense that I found Aquarian’s attractive as they fall in my 5th house (Fun, creativity, sex, short relationships) and why they had never worked out. And maybe the connection with the Cancerian ones is just an ordinary bonding. Either that or I was looking for Kelli perhaps, and just picking up on similarities. Who knows.
It also made sense the conflict between the same and the free.
You see, I’m a cancerian and we are all home loving/building peeps and creating a family-type unit. This is amplified by the fact that my cardinal T-cross is missing in my 4th House, so there is a ‘need’ to complete the cross by having a ‘home’ family.

Venus in Gemini

But in conflict with that, my Venus is in Gemini, which is all flighty, flirty (not good at serious relationships/commitment), with my Aries moon (independence) and having my 4th house in Sagittarius (erratic and random home life?), there is a constant fight with me.
The Venus thing adds a little weight to the fact that I have slightly fear commitment in case I was to get bored and then leave someone when the fire burns out (Aries moon – instant/BAM!!), but all of this conflicts cancer in me. Dammit. Apparently, I just want a woman who is fun, chatty and always keeps changing, and always keeps me interested. Is this like re-inventing yourself? I have also always gone for intelligent, witty girls, rather than all the drop dead gorgeous ones. Also liking tomboy type women is a Venus in Gemini trait, which explains why a lot the girls I wanted were lesbians).
I think the most striking thing about Venus in Gemini was the attraction of foreign women. I have always ‘picked up’ my ears when I heard a foreign accent, and maybe the Aries moon (fire) explains my love for redhead girls. Who knows.
If anyone can read this and advice, then please feel free to comment.

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