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Jan 21, 2020

I’m excited to announce the (re)launch of The Astro Coach.

This is a project that started 6 months ago and has finally come through to fruition. All thought most websites can take just a few months to manifest into reality, this one needed going back to the drawing board.

There were SO many issues with the last website, from confusion about the services to technical issues of actually booking an appointment, that we essentially needed to start again and look at everything from the ground up.

I and one of my designers from the agency managed this project solely.

We had to examine the message, the strategy, the planning, the implementation, the services, the technology, booking process, target audience and then all of this had to align astrologically 😆

The one thing I never used to do was give myself the attention that I would give to my own clients. Like I would provide great service and value to them, but when it came to my own branding, I would shy or hideaway, rush my own work (essentially self-sabotage) or think my clients deserved my hard work, more than I did myself.

I can say I had to wrestle with this. There were periods in November, December and January, where I was all

“Ok, the website is done now already. Let’s just get it live so people can see it.”

Only for my inner voice screaming at me to wait and to do things methodically and well. And then in doing that, I would find a million other things that I needed to do.

It was actually depressing at times to have to keep going back and revisiting something that I had considered “done” or “signed off”. But each time I did, I had to really look at something. And you know, the results were always better.

Every. Single. Time.

Damn you universe. Always teaching me.

So, enjoy the new site. Feel free to book readings on the services page, or you can read more about the coaching programs I run. Even since launching this to my subscribers, I have already had 7 readings booked and 2 free enquiry calls into the coaching.

The best things come to those who wait.

if anybody needs me, I may be found in a steam room somewhere, slowly melting away.

So Whats New?

Well, many things.

  • A new and (muchly needed) improved booking system. No more missed appointments for myself and my clients.
  • A new and improved conference calling system
  • Programs created based on the feedback I’ve had over the last 3 years since launching this website.
  • A new logo, style and branding theme that combines my astrological needs with that of my clients
  • New content across the website
  • New website infrastructure and system in place
  • New mailing system

Please take a look and let me know your feedback.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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