Spiritual Astrology: Planning Your Souls Journey
Mar 22, 2018

I’m not sure that there is a specific term to define Spiritual Astrology. So I’m going to try and explain Spiritual Astrology in my own opinion. Spiritual Astrology is simply Astrology that is working for you on a spiritual level.

The reason that I think spiritual Astrology is essential is that Astrology has the ability to go more in-depth than merely telling you what Horoscope signs you are compatible with the areas of dating as it is seen to be incorporated into today’s society as a tool for matchmaking,

All of us are spiritual beings whether we choose to believe it or not. Your body is just merely a vessel which holds all of our emotions thoughts, feelings and desires. They are our beliefs and our deepest needs. All of these things have no physical form, yet dominate our lives.

In the quest for Spiritual enlightenment, many people open themselves up to a more esoteric side of life. Things like Awareness of who we are, where we come from and how we are all connected. Astrology is sometimes used as a vessel to facilitate their journey.

When people often referred things in the realm of spirituality, Astrology can sometimes come up. However, Astrology is a very broad subject, and yet, it can go incredibly deep as well.

In understanding somebody’s Birth chart, we can begin to understand the more profound spiritual needs and requirements somebody has, or they are striving to achieve in this life. The birth chart maps areas of spirituality, and it’s a couple of these things today that I would like to highlight.

The Ninth House (9th)

The ninth house, owned by Sagittarius, is the space that indicates to us how we feel about our beliefs, religion, higher levels of learning, foreign travel, politics and spirituality. This could be a tool that serves people to define identify how they feel about these types of things. Between you and me, I don’t put too much emphasis on the ninth house (especially if it’s empty). However, it can be used to benchmark, define or clarify somebody’s views in these areas.

The North Node

To me, one of the critical things that I like to work on with people Is the North Node. The North Node is also referred to as the True Node, but on this website, we use the North Node. The North Node is that the light in the sky that outlines, spiritually, the things that our soul is looking to achieve and leave behind in THIS lifetime.

I’ve actually found this in my years of research, it being of more significance and importance than any other thing that you can read about in the charts. Though there are many astrologers disagree with me, from me on a personal level, I found the level of revelations and insights profound in how I approach my life on a daily basis.

Sure is great to know about your planet positions and the challenges that you have, but to understand what your soul is looking to achieve this by time, I feel is incredibly important. I feel spiritual that this type of Astrology has a profound reach on people that even don’t believe in Astrology. Maybe because deep down, they recognise underneath everything, that is the truth.

I am not talking about the truth in contradiction to the words of Jesus or any other spiritual being, only identifying our soul recognises the steps that we need to take to make ourselves feel at peace.


Another thing that I like to indulge in regarding our understanding of Spiritual Astrology would be around Chiron.

Chiron as the wounded humour Is an area in our life that is painful for us or that is sensitive. It touches on those things and areas cause us to react on a level that is uncomfortable or painful or an area that challenges us. So for that reason, mastering why are we are hurting with Chiron and how we can look to heal, I feel is also vital when understanding who we are on a spiritual level.

The trick to mastering Chiron and is often the answer to how we heal. There Is often always, but subconsciously, the answer to out pain and how we can heal ourselves. Often this healing can be seen in how we heal others, yet drinking our own medicine seems painful and bitter.

Naturally, when dealing with our own Chiron, we have to take a more significant look at how it fits into our lives you would be looking at the sign which Chiron falls under, the house that it falls under and also many aspects that are connected to it.

All of this information is key in understanding how that sensitivity fits into our lives and how we can manage it on a day-to-day basis, so rather than reacting to it, we can recognise that as looked at how we can move past the pain.

For me, I have always been someone who had knowledge and awareness of a higher spiritual being. You can call it God. You can call it divine, Call it Spirit. Call it Jesus. Call it anything you want. I don’t see it as confliction of interests, Rather than Astrology merely is there to help understand ourselves better.

Understand subconsciously what helps motivates and help to challenge us with our own struggles and our desires. This kind of understanding can only really help. I’ll see how we are even though we are within this world, how we react to things is all internal. I have no problem with people that believe in a higher God, religion. You can accept spiritual and religious beliefs. And still take steps to understand yourself spiritually, or religiously.

Using Astrology as a tool to help your more in-depth understanding of who you are. I don’t see astrology as a replacement for religion or your own spiritual’s beliefs.

This is just my opinion naturally. I’m sure there are many people out there disbelieve this. I have had people who read the Bible Tell me that Astrology is a sin and then maybe true, but I don’t believe in Astrology over the faith. I have my connection with what I believe. I simply use Astrology is help me understand myself a little bit better.

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