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May 17, 2021

People ask about what it is that I do and people often struggle to define it. Even for myself, it is not really 100% clear. But then life is not black and white.

I usually just say Astrology (which is technically correct).

Then people say:

“You need to be more clear. Actually what you’re offering is more than horoscope compatibility”.

So with that in mind, let me muse a little:

Imagine it somewhat like this:

A well studied Astrologer, mixed with a spiritual life coach and someone with plenty of experience in business and digital marketing. My coaching business is simply me helping people to create and achieve the life of your dreams if I am honest.

And there is nothing wrong in aiming for something that profound.

I wouldn’t call myself a certified coach with certification, nor a spiritual coach but I do like to help people, and I have a lot of experience in doing so, both professional and personal life.

Life coaching or spiritual life coaching is something that seems to have fallen into my lap, and I’ve merely packaged it in a way that clients have responded positively.

Although I’ve never proclaimed to call myself a life coach, a spirituality coach or (combining the 2) a spiritual life coach, it seems to have stuck for.

To be honest, with the clients I have worked with, they usually go with Astrologer.

As we get into the coaching process, phrases and terms from both astrology and coaching worlds fly around like summer bees.

Over 8 weeks, I offer a series of spiritual life coaching sessions that help people identify REAL life goals and understand their motivations and then help them to get there.

The Astrology part is the holistic connection we use to discover what natural resources we use to approach our lives.

Why Do We Want Spiritual Coaching

As people, especially in western civilisation, we live in a rat race world. There are a lot of Spiritual coaches and life coaches are popping up like gazebos offering to share their tips and advice.

There are millions of us NOT leading a fulfilling life. We are going through the motions. We have lost our understanding of our role in the world. We’re disconnected from our soul, our power and our beliefs.

We have questions

  • Why the fuck am I here?
  • What is my life’s purpose?
  • How do I create the life I want?
  • I want a purpose in life. How can I get it?

It’s powerful. When it gets to that point, that’s when something needs to happen.

We dream of having a new life. We long to live a meaningful life, fulfil a lifelong dream, have a good spiritual life or to have spiritual fulfilment. Maybe you’re here because you want to discover your true purpose.

If religion helps you do that, that is great. and there is nothing wrong or right with that. That said, this article is not a religious post.

Working with a spiritual coach can help you with taking a holistic approach to look at hiring a spiritual part of your life.

However, underneath all of the “real world shit”, there is something a lot deeper going on.

We’re trying to have a fulfilling life. We’re trying to get to the right place in our lives, understand who we are a little better. People can “wake up” and realise they are not content with how the world presented to us in its form and they want something more

This lack of contentment is often the first step.

When people look at their personal growth, certainly on a spiritual level, they decide to dig deeper into their own lives; they usually are looking for several things.

  • Healing techniques or practices that can help them understand themselves better.
  • We start to recognise that the secrets that we keep from the world and ourselves hold us back.
  • We notice repeating patterns and how they serve us (or don’t)
  • We look at our subconscious mind and how they form our beliefs
  • We look towards spiritual development and spiritual fulfilment which makes us feel emotional or spiritually “full”.
  • We want to know ourselves, know our purpose.

When we start down this path, it leads to spiritual awareness. We start to examine our beliefs, our bodies, our diets, our daily practices.

Then people look at spiritual growth as something like a destination that you need to arrive at, rather than noticing when it is just a journey.

A good spiritual life coach can point you to yoga, meditation, self-prayer, self-reflection, healing work that will form a part of that journey.

It is important to remember that we are all just a spark.

A life force, driving around in these “body” vehicles.

The Law Of Attraction

There are many different areas and different methods of spiritual growth. One of which is using the law of attraction. What we are consciously and subconsciously putting out into the world. There is an old saying:

  • thoughts become words
  • words become actions
  • actions become habits
  • habits come character
  • character becomes destiny

I see this, and it resonates with me. Especially as someone who has struggled with addictions in the past.

In a lousy mindset and negative place of understanding who we are

“I’m an idiot”

“I’m bad news, stay away from me.”

“I do not deserve this.”

Little things like this that we tell others and affirm to ourselves and these things subconsciously “stain” if we are not careful to clean up after ourselves.

But we are manifesting that energy.

On the flip side, we can powerfully manifest energy and a mindset that can help create action steps that help people to lead a fulfilling life.

What’s A Spiritual life?

Often we are all looking for a fulfilling life purpose but will ignore out intuitive inner guidance which is screaming at our minds and egos to pay attention to what is going on in our lives, ignore our minds and get in touch with our higher self.

Astrology can help give a spiritual perspective on who we are, our subconscious needs and how we can understand those needs better so that we can make our actions and thinking processes accountable.

A spiritual life is to be content, internally. And most of us (including me) are wrestling internally to be more spiritual To

Spiritual Coaching is NOT

I am not like a fitness coach training you at a gym who is instructing you to follow their advice.

I do not have “ideal clients”. I only have “clients”. Humans. People like you and me. We are all equal.

I do not coach clients to be more spiritual. I am not a spirituality coach.

Spiritual Coaching Practice

Astrology for me always has been a spiritual practice and an intuitive understanding of how we are, subconsciously and how we manifest things in the world. The style in which we love, express anger and have focus in our lives, in all areas.

We have all these challenges in our charts. I merely like help people understand those challenges and what they might look like in the real world.

It’s about remembering that we are spiritual beings.

We’re these fantastic sparks, living in great bodies in a place filled with real beauty and joy.

Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions vs Astrology

So what is the difference between the two?

I do not see a difference now that I use the two together in unison on a daily basis.

I think I could break it down into the following:

  • Astrology is about understanding birth charts and the astrological happenings in space and their supposed effects on our lives.
  • Coaching is more about helping people
  • The Spiritual Life coaching bit is about connecting Astrology and the coaching together.

The Spiritual Coaching Process

The coaching program that I offer is more to help people understand themselves better, define their life goals and help them create the steps necessary to get there.

Any personal development that we do as humans from physical things like diet and exercise to more mental and spiritual things like meditation and self-study and reflection.

It is at times like this in our lives that a coach helps.

  • If you are going through relationship issues, a relationship coach helps.
  • If you are going to the gym, a fitness coach helps.
  • If you are struggling with launching your dream business, a business coach helps.
  • If you are trying to figure out who you are, a life coach helps.

The Astrology part of all of this process is us looking at your birth or natal chart, looking at your subconscious needs and desires.

Once we can understand your chart, we can look at specific areas like:

  • Healing your pain through others
  • Find real true happiness (not connected with anything or anyone)
  • Your soul’s lessons in this life time
  • Energetic challenges in your chart
  • Understanding your default reactions to people and situations.

Wants to learn and achieve in this lifetime, combined with your personalities default responses in expressing that.

If the coaching sounds like something you would like to discuss, then click here to book a free assessment call with me.

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