Synastry Reading: Get Your Online Chart

So if you are wondering what is in a Synastry Reading, then look no further.

The Astrological services I offer can be specific questions you might have about your astrology compatibility chart or natal chart synastry as long as you have the birth time of both people involved.

This is deeper than just the Sun Sign astrology interpretations that you would get in a personal horoscope or monthly horoscope. 

Equally, it is not a relationship horoscope either. You know, when people go looking for compatibility answers, we really will look at how the energy flows between you.

Is this sign is compatible with this sign?

The chart is an important chart that helps us visualise the major and minor aspects between the all the planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and how the aspects that these planets form with the planets of the secondary chart. 

Other important aspects like the Ascendant or Chiron are often included as well because they play an important part in these personal interactions.

Things like this are important, but also with time, it is making connections between the birth chart of 2 people.

More About A Synastry Chart Reading

These natal charts are often called compatibility reports, astrology reports or simply a synastry report.

Often you can find somewhere online that has a chart calculator, but generally, these things are like the daily horoscope or free horoscope generators and do not really explain too much.

Birth Chart

In Astrology, you need the partners birth time, place of birth and date of birth.

I do not do free synastry readings. 

How you are together.

A chart where the 2 charts are “merged together” to create 1 chart is called a composite chart or relationship chart.  This is the astrology of the “relationship”, not the 2 people in it.

We look at the planet positions in the zodiac signs and we see how the energy the planetary aspects are causing between the 2 charts.

People will often research astrology articles because they want to know if their partner is on the same life path, is a soul mate or twin flame. So the way a compatibility reading. Like with all love relationships, there are easy and hard aspects between 2 charts. 

So whether you meet in a bar, or beneath a full moon, is irrelevant. 

Having mutual aspects that complement other areas of your chart is good and its really just about understanding your own astrological energy and how it works or struggles with another person.

Whilst some people like to try and focus on making accurate predictions about your future, I am more interested in your own well being and your personal growth, helping you understand yourself better.

When you are a couple, it’s hard enough to manage 1 person’s chart energy, let alone 2 people.


Synastry:  How you are together.

Synastry & Twin Flames

I often get asked by clients about twin flame relationships. Seeing as we’re on a page about synastry, I thought I would mention it briefly.

I believe that It is about how the energy flows between you. Some people believe perfect love and harmony is like a soul mate or a twin flame time scenario, however, I do not believe this to be the case.

Twin flame Astrology is touted as the be-all and end-all of relationships.

Twin flame synastry is often very challenging and is not always to do with the astrology of the charts.

A twin flame relationship can be incredibly magnetic but its essentially like being in either a toxic relationship or being forced to hold onto something really hot.

A relationship between 2 people is so complex, as is a standalone individual. And let’s not forget that whilst love and romance can be somewhat fated by the stars (transits, birth times and date of birth), also remember that we’re biological and our brain has receptors that allow us to think and feel. Chemicals released when we feel things or we feel love, can somewhat cloud our judgement. This could especially be the case with someone that perhaps has their mercury in one of the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces)

Let’s be grounded and use an Astrology reading understand our actions and motivations rather than relying on it fully to detect something that we might feel that might not be there.


Chemistry Indicators

So what can we use synastry for? It exists to show use the relationship of the energies between two people and the effects and focus of those people on our lives.

How will they love me? what are they like when they are angry? are they a real virgo or is that energy diluted with other energies? When their sun is in my 5th house, even though my own sun is in my 2nd, what does that say for our relationship?

This type of chart is about understanding why there are differences and how those we will perceive those differences against our own personalities.

For example, someone is who has their mercury planet square the second persons mercury planet, means that there could be a clashing of the minds. Both people are wanting to communicate in the same manner, but the style and delivery of those are at loggerheads with each other. With patience normally both people can see their methods can be in harmony with each other, however the minds clash often and the things we say to one another in this example are often interpreted in a way that is is counterintuitive to how the first person said it.

That said, sometimes planets that are squaring each other between 2 people can actually more often than not, be the glue that 2 people are looking for.

What do you want to do today?

Free Astrology Coaching Consultation

If you are looking for a free astrology consultation, I offer that as part of a coaching program I run.

The online consultations are ongoing for a series of 12 weeks.

In this time, we look at where you are and where you want to be.

And then we break down the barriers in getting you to that place.

It is a 12-week program, combining the following:

  • Astrology
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