What Is Astro Coaching or Astrological Coaching?

May 16, 2021

Astro coaching or astrological coaching are not terms common to everyday life or well-defined in dictionaries. However, in my personal opinion, I see it as a term describing the merging and union of both Astrology and Life Coaching.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is something that has grown to a degree of prevalence in the United States, especially over the last ten years or so. There are now a lot of people calling themselves and defining themselves as life coaches. There is now a variety of life coaching courses and accreditations that you can obtain either online or in person. This is different from a career coach or a small business coach.

Americans are very accustomed to talking to somebody about problems or issues. Also, as a nation, they are very well accustomed to using psychotherapists or shrinks. Open discussions with a stranger in this type of setting are not as well-practiced or embraced in other countries around the world.

I think that that reason alone, Life Coaching has had a high surge in the US recently. People are looking to explore Coaching either as a client or somebody that’s perhaps looking to become a practitioner.


Astrology on the other hand is something that has been around since the beginning of time. The Bible even mentions Astrology and Astrologers. Astrology is used, by many, as a tool to try and predict and manipulate the outcomes of situations on earth in this lifetime. And up until recently, Astrology was just seen as predicting terrible horoscopes in newspapers and magazines.

In recent years, there have been noted cases of therapists using Astrology as a tool to understand their clients better. Astrology tends to shine a light on pupils’ basic desires and needs which can be useful and helpful.

An example of this could be when the client is more predisposed or reluctant to share information or to open up to people. Studying the house and sign of somebody’s moon would share some insight into their emotional needs.

I have always been somewhat adept at being able to see the big picture, make logical plans and steps for both my own life and for that of my friends, families, and relatives. Astrology is a tool that helps understand the energies of the motives behind somebody’s actions and desires.

That is incredibly powerful in assisting somebody to follow steps that feel in alignment with what it is that they’re trying to do and achieve.

Astrological Coaching

Astrological Coaching can also be used to define the teaching, sharing and imparting information around Astrology. Very much like an English tutor or Basketball Coach. It is merely a term used the define the relationship between the client and that of what they’ll learn.

Astrological Coaching, Astro Coaching, and the name of the website “The Astro Coach” are merely terms used to identify and outline the content of the site. This makes it easy for clients or customers to understand and connect with what it is they are trying to look for seek out and find.

Astro Coaching Services

While I do offer Birth / Natal chart readings, Relocation readings, Synergy chart readings, Transit chart reading, what I like to do is help people understand themselves better. They can make progress in their lives regarding decisions of my career, love, etc. There are plans to start astrology for beginners service.

I have always been able to have the ability to help people define objectives and goals and outline the necessary steps and tasks needed to get from where they are to where they want to. This process is something that I prefer to do.

I feel that it is more likely to have a larger, significant impact on their lives regarding how they think and about how things are going.

Astro Coaching can help people understand their chart better. This chart illumination helps integrate chart explanations with their own life and then to understand that birth chart energy behind it. If there are impulses and behaviours that we act out but do not understand why then Astro Coaching also can shade insight into areas where people are not so clear.

This clarity is found in every area. How they love, how they desire, how they feel and how they are thinking. Insight like this can be used as the information or as a foundation for achieving what they want once they know how they are built.

Suddenly people are aware and knowing this information allows things that exist subconsciously to be brought into our consciousness. Then we clearer when we can identify and understand these hidden messages, behaviours and meanings.

Example of Astro Coaching / Astrological Coaching

Recently, a client asked me for an example of how astro coaching could work in their lives prior to us working together. I thought the description below summed it up nicely.

Coaching is like a combination of listening and feedback on the content of the speaker. The Astro is explaining they use that particular content. Its explaining the tools that you already knew you had.

Then the work we do together is you visualising your idea. And then explaining the tools that you have that will make that idea a reality.

I think that about sums it up 🙂

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