Practical Astrology

Sep 28, 2019

When we’re looking at utilising Astrology in our lives, practical astrology has to be in a manner that is practical for everyone to be able to use it.

Even Beginners.

Let’s look at how.

The esoteric subject of Astrology has been around for millennia. But in the last few years, there is been a bigger surge in the quest for us to understand ourselves.

The new generation, a lot more spiritual and connected, have a deeper and more advanced knowledge that has ever been the case before.

We look to the sky and stars to send us signs, we trust in tarot readers.

There is a library of astrology books on amazon for beginners and for people more advanced. But something has changed.

People going to have tarot read, play with magic are still around, but as we enter a new wave of understanding, a lot of people get that their venus in Scorpio is square their mars in Leo (for example).

There is this growing consciousness amongst people

Beginner Guide To Practical Astrology Online.

There are online courses (I also do this) that help people understand their charts. Make sure you review any online astrology courses before you add them to your shopping cart.

Obviously, there are plenty of good resource websites out there including

  • astrology42
  • cafe astrology
  • astrology king

A lot of these websites will provide a breakdown of the themes and subjects from the basic, to the more advanced.

Practical Astrology For Love & Relationships

We want an understanding of who we are. We have the knowledge of the zodiac but now it is about bringing all of these personal elements together. People want true helpful advice.

They want to learn from an astrologer about their astrological report or birth chart for no other reasons that trying to figure out who or what they are.

It is now a bigger essential part of many peoples lives that our birth chart can help us.

I have had my own clients say

  • It is essential that I own my power.
  • I need to know my secret consciousness and what it wants.

That if my moon and venus are not in harmony, I see how that ACTUALLY manifests in my life. If my relationship with Saturn in Virgo is square my sun in Sagittarius, but trine my Venus in Taurus, what are the planets telling me to learn to master?

If my Mercury in Aries is opposite my lunar moon in libra, how does that affect my language of love?

It’s like first Astrology was considered “airy-fairy” and now it’s like Okay, make astrology practical for me.

Practical Astrology For Your Job, Work & Career

Okay, make astrology practical for me.

How can I experience the power of my own birth chart reading to review my like, through astrology,

Practically Astrology combined with spiritual events in your life, combined with understanding their planets and power of your chart

We can look at your venus and mars. We can examine your money and passion planets. The money houses (2nd, 6th and 10th) show us the stage that our work lives can manifest themselves.

Astrology For Your Health & Wellness

This can provide great in-depth insight into the types of health issues you’re likely to experience as part of your sign (and houses).

We all have bodies and these bodies are all likely to suffer over the years.

Astrology can give you into things your sign is naturally predisposed to (but it’s not guaranteed).

So if you are healthy orientated, maybe it can help you be proactive in taking care of your own body.

It’s Practical Astrology. Everyday

Beginners: If you’re a beginner, then reach out to me.

I do private consultations where we look at the astrology of your birth chart. We can work out your chart and help review your life and who you are.

I will be doing a class online via video that you can view daily (or monthly).

I will be creating products that you can sign up for, without the need for booking an appointment.

Astrology is this huge wealthy pool of information that (finally), people are tapping into to help understand themselves better.

Without the need to go to a counsellor to help “figure themselves out”, Astrology can provide you with the answers you need to understand yourself

Astrological Life Coaching: Free Online Astrology Call

If you’re interested in my 1 on 1 personalised coaching, I offer a free, no-obligation Skype/Zoom phone call, to see if my 8 week coaching program could be a good fit for you. More about the coaching here.

Book an appointment and complete this questionnaire so that I can tailor the phone session just for you.

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