February 8, 2014
Oh South Node in Aries, won't you let me love?

For the last few months, my head has not been in a good place.   I've turned into a bit of a recluse.  And not for the first time.  I use the time to retreat, to recharge, regroup, regather my thoughts and process them and rethink everything over and over.  I do this normally anyways, […]

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September 30, 2010
Magi Astrology Reading – Career Reading

This reading was mainly regarding work and a few other areas. Work and Career. What would give me soul satisfaction and how would I specifically excel in making money.  These are 2 different area's.

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August 23, 2010
Magi Astrology Reading – My Chart Reading.

So. Back in February 2010, I had my Magi <may-jigh) reading down. I have studied my birth chart myself for about four yrs, understanding myself, only a little bit. I have had a Magi reading in the past, and it was SO accurate. I was just in complete awe. Everything is true BTW. So I […]

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